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 Poseidon X-3 DeNitrator

Congratulations on your purchase! Your denitrator will provide many years of reliable service when used properly.  Please read these instructions carefully before installing your DeNitrator.

 1.  Denitrator blue canisters with plastic inserts filled with X-3 Denitrification media pack
 2.  Tubing 3ft “IN” tubing (white), “OUT” tubing (blue) with regulator (blue) valve attached
 3.  Mini-Jet 606 Pump with clear tubing adapter pieces inserted
 4.  Opening wrench tool
 5.  Mounting bracket
•  Attach white and blue hoses to denitrator by inserting the tubing into the corresponding fitting at the top of each canister.
   The left side (first canister) marked with “IN” (for white tubing) and the right side (third canister) marked “OUT” (for blue tubing).
 •  Attach the Mini-Jet 606 pump to the white tubing by inserting the other end of the white tubing into clear adapter vinyl tubing on pump. 
 •  Set pump to maximum flow and submerge in sump. Please verify pump is completely under water.   Make sure pump
    does not pick up sediment residue that sometimes accumulates at the bottom of sump areas.  Sediment will enter the media chamber and
    clog some of the media prohibiting the anaerobic denitrification process.  Clean sump detritus prior to installation of pump.
 •  The pump sits in the sump, feeding water into the denitrator.  Water exits back into the sump, preferably away from the pump. 
   For those who do not have a sump, the pump may be placed inside the aquarium while the canister must be mounted or placed beside,
   above, or behind the tank nearby or level to the pump.  Place the pump on one side of the aquarium and the blue return line at the other
   end of the aquarium for optimal filtration.
 •  Turn on the pump until all three canisters fill with aquarium water and water begins to trickle out of the blue line. The regulator VALVE
    must be fully OPEN at this time.  Once water comes trickling out of the blue line, CLOSE the regulator valve, and shut the pump off leaving
    water inside the canister.  Aquarium water should remain in the canister for 24 hours in order to break in the build up of anaerobic bacteria.
 •  After a period of 24 hours, turn on the pump and OPEN the regulator valve to produce a very slow and steady trickle coming out from the
    blue tubing.  The amount coming out can be a constant fast paced trickle to a very slow stream, (not to exceed 50 gallons per hour).
    Continued use will filter nitrates from the water. After 1-2 weeks of use, nitrate concentration should start to fall. As long as nitrate
    concentration levels remain in control, the media does not have to be replaced.
 •  Monitor the flow coming out from the regulator valve once in a while to ensure proper flow rate.  If at times the flow rate appears to be 
    slower than other times, this is normal as denitrification is occurring.  If there appears to be no flow rate, increase the valve for adjustment.

  The Denitrator should maintain LOW to NO Nitrate levels for many months (average of 8-12months) before the denitrification media pack needs replacement.  For systems with initial nitrate concentrations in excess of 80ppm, the denitrator may take up to one month to notice any significant change in nitrate reduction.  
  Aquariums with initial nitrate concentrations in excess of 80ppm should conduct water exchanges prior to installing the denitrator.  Bring the concentration level to about 20ppm or less, before hooking up the denitrator.  If the denitrator is installed with initial nitrate concentration levels in excess of 80ppm, it will take much longer for the initial reduction process to occur.

For questions regarding your denitrator please email:  

Replacement media may be purchased from us:

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Poseidon X-3 DeNitrator
* Denitrification media pack
* Bioplastic carbon food source
* Pump
* Opening Wrench Tool
* 3ft Tubing (inlet/out) 
For Aquariums up to 300 gallons (1130L).
Comes complete with pump and Nitrate Removal media.
X3 Denitrator

X3 Instructions