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       Thank You for choosing the Neptune line of professional water filtration systems for your water filtration needs.  Be assured that you have purchased a product that has been manufactured with the finest aquarium grade components.  All the necessary replacement components and accessories for your system can be purchased from us at Poseidon Aquarium.

    Your system should serve you for many years to come, provided you perform regular maintenance as described in this installation guide.  Please read this guide thoroughly.  Should you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to provide assistance.
Your Neptune Tap Water Purifier unit consists of the following components.
Please take the time to inspect and familiarize yourself with the system.

*  Inline Neptune GAC/KDF cartridge
*  Inline Neptune Sediment cartridge (5µ) micron
*  Neptune MBR (mixed bed resin) refillable cartridge  
*  4 feet of incoming (white) and outgoing (blue) tubing
*  Heavy duty 3/4 inch hose adapter
Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my DI Resin changed color right away?  
You must first flush the system when a new GAC/KDF cartridge is installed.  If the GAC/KDF cartridge is not initially flushed properly, the inline sediment cartridge will clog up faster, and the resin cartridge will exhaust quicker to try and pull out the residue.  
NOTE: If the resin color has changed quickly, you may still continue using it, but test the water with a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter to judge the quality.

Can I disconnect the system and reconnect it later on?  
Yes. You may make the desired amount of water that you need, and then disconnect the system from the water supply for use later on.  

Can I use this on a well system?  
Yes.  This filter can be used on a well supply.  However, the DI resin might get exhausted quicker that normal.  For well water, we suggest our Neptune Well Water purifier or one of the Neptune line of RO / DI systems.  

Can I use this filter with a float valve?
Yes.  The OUT Port (blue line) can be connected to a float valve to produce water automatically. 
You may purchase an adjustable float valve from us.

If your problem was not addressed by these FAQ's, please contact us.
Tap Water Purifier
Tap Water Purifier Components
Step One:  Assemble the filter as shown in the diagram above.  Connect the white tubing with the garden hose adapter                                 attached to the "IN Port".  Connect the blue tubing to the "OUT Port".
Step Two:  Detach the red tubing from the Neptune inline sediment cartridge and ALWAYS FLUSH all NEW GAC/KDF
                     filters for at least 5 minutes prior to reconnecting.  With the white tubing installed, turn on water and run it
                     through the GAC/KDF cartridge.  The inline sediment cartridge does not need to get flushed. 
In order to disconnect any of the quick connect fittings on your Neptune system, press the ring around which the tubing is inserted and pull the tubing out.  To connect the tubing back, simply push the tubing into the hole until it is inserted properly.
Step Three:  After flushing, reconnect the red tubing from the inline GAC/KDF cartridge (#1) to the inline sediment
                        cartridge (#2).  Attach the blue tubing to the OUT Port.  You can begin using the water from this point.
Cartridge Replacement
In order to produce quality water from your Neptune Tap Water Purifier at all times, it is recommended that you maintain a proper cartridge exchange schedule.  Depending on the severity of the water quality in your local area, cartridges replacement schedules may vary.  Keep track of your Tap Water Purifier water quality output and maintain proper cartridge exchange regiments suitable to your area.

* Neptune Inline Sediment Cartridge ------ every 1500 gallons or 6 months
* Neptune Inline GAC/KDF Cartridge ------ every 1500 gallons or 6 months
* Neptune MBR (mixed bed resin) ---------- every 350 to 400 gallons
                                                                      ----------- will change to golden color indicating exhaustion
Replacement of the Neptune MBR cartridge
**The 10" outer clear canister housing should be hand tightened or loosened.  Simply grasp the canister and twist open the lid (counterclockwise to open : clockwise to close).   
**Next pull out the inner refillable resin canister and twist open the white lid located at the bottom.
Initially your resin canister is ready for use and does not need to be flushed until it is time to change the resin media.  The resin media will change to a golden color indicating exhaustion.  To change the resin media, you will need to purchase a 1lb resin media bag and refill your cartridge.  Your old media may be disposed of properly and cartridge should be rinsed prior to refilling.  The foam piece (located inside the resin cartridge) should be rinsed and reused as well.  New foam pieces can be purchased separately if needed. 
** The resin media goes in first, then followed by the round foam piece, and finally the white cap.
** Replace the refillable cartridge back into the clear housing and hand tighten.
** With all tubing in place, you are now ready to make water.  Flushing of the resin is not necessary.
Neptune Resin Refill (1lb)
Round Foam piece