1801 S. Nova Rd., S. Daytona, FL 32119
* Huge selection of Freshwater Tropicals !!
  Large variety of African Cichlids including Peacocks and Tanganyikans
  Exotic S. American Cichlids
  Exceptional selection of Live Aquatic Plants, Fancy Golfish, and Bettas
  Healthy Tank Raised Discus
* Best saltwater livestock in the area !!
  Large variety of saltwater tropical fish
  Incredible inventory of exotic live coral from around the world
  Huge invertebrate selection
  Premium live rock, and large selection of live sand
Aquariums and Supplies
* Large in-stock selection of Aquariums always at discounted prices
  Standard and custom aquariums are always available
  Filtration units always in stock including Sumps, Refugiums, and Wet Dry filtration
  We carry REEF OCTOPUS Protein Skimmers, Reef LED Lighting systems,
  UV Sterilization units, numerous pumps and powerheads,  and much-much more !! 
* Full line of NEPTUNE Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Systems.
  Replacement RO filter cartridges, color changing DI resin
* X-Series Denitrators, UV Sterilizers
* We sell Reverse Osmosis DI water, filtered freshwater (for freshwater tropicals),
  and premixed Saltwater
* Best lighting selection around.
  Compact Fluorescents, T5, T8, T12, LED's, VHO, Metal halide lamps,
  LED systems.

Striving to be the Best Aquarium Shop in the area !!
We carry a large selection of LED lighting for all your aquarium needs.  From Freshwater LED's to high intensity Reef LED's, we stock a large selection at the very best competitive pricing available.
We stock the following LED systems
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1801 S Nova Road, South Daytona, FL 32119